The Aerodance story

Girl born free in Africa discovered her dancing feet at the age of 3. Once back in the UK she started dance classes at TSA (Tiffany Stage Academy) in Essex. Her complete passion for dance (especially ballet) took up most of her teen life allowing her to get to Advanced level modern, tap and ballet

A good set of ‘A’ level results took her on an alternative path for 3 years to study for a Linguistics and Spanish degree. The dancing drive is a strong one and 6 weeks later this then 21 year old auditioned for Scala Madrid and a job was secured as a showgirl for a year!

More dance contracts followed until, at the age of 27, the professional dancing shoes were hung up

But as the saying goes’ it never leaves you’

Roll forward to when the girl is 32. She is then a mum to a gorgeous baby boy and had become Pickles the Clown entertaining the kids of Kent and Sussex

A group of mums who were celebrating turning 36 ( not 30 x 6 year olds )had a party. Girl comes along and teaches cheesy routines to Britney Spears, Steps, Abba, Kylie…you get the picture

The ladies wanted more and begged girl to start a class

Girl was reticent but came up with the name Aerodance and started a class for 6 weeks

Now 20 years on, many of the ladies are those who attended the very 1st class

And girl still teaches but wears a few more clothes and her pants have got smaller