Aerodance Classes

We offer 90 or 60 minute dance classes for all age and abilities. To book a class, contact Nikki at 07500 926403 or email

Low-impact classes

Perfect for ladies of a certain age. Low-impact sessions that are gentle on the joints and fabulous fun.

Monday, 10:30

📍Crowborough Community Centre ⏳ 60 mins

Wednesday, 09:45 & 11:00

📍Groombridge Village Hall ⏳ 60 mins

Standard Aerodance

This is for ladies who love to dance to great music in a fun-filled hour. The music and routines are designed to get you really moving and give you an all over body workout

Monday, 19:30

📍 Groombridge Village Hall ⏳ 60 mins

Wednesday, 09:30

📍 Pembury Village Hall ⏳ 60 mins

Tuesday, 19:00

📍 Groombridge Village Hall ⏳ 60 mins

Friday, 09:30

📍 Langton Green Village Hall ⏳ 60 mins

Advanced classes

For ladies who really want to be challenged. Enjoy the same routines as are taught in the standard classes, but then add a few more tricky routines. Ladies who attend this class need to be confident movers

Wednesday, 09:30

📍 Frant Village Hall ⏳ 90 mins

Friday, 09:30

📍 Pembury Village Hall ⏳ 90 mins