Your First Aerodance

We believe everyone can enjoy dance given the right teaching, atmosphere and music. However, we know that the first class can be a little nerve-racking. This page describes what to expect and how we make it fun!

Our Classes

Our classes are super friendly and choreographed to be suitable for all ladies regardless of age or ability Our teachers are exceptional and really encouraging. You will be made to feel very welcome

We recognize however that ladies have differing needs from their dance/exercise class

With this in mind we have made our classes Low-impact, Standard and Advanced. This means you can be 100% sure that you’re in a class that is exactly what you are after

Low- impact 60 mins.

This is for ‘ladies of a certain age’. There are no turns or jumps and the class is super gentle. The choreography is set to fabulous sing along music and you will leave class with a smile on your face. Laughter is just as important in these classes as the dances!

Standard 60 mins

This is a more energised class with more challenging choreography. There are 5 warm ups and around 8 dances per session. These build up week by week so that you really know the work and can get the most out of the dances. We then gently roll the syllabus, adding in new routines when we feel the class needs a new challenge. This enables new ladies to join in at any point in the year

Advanced 90 mins

Some ladies just can’t get enough!

And so for them we offer a longer class too. This gives the ladies extra routines not seen in the 60 min sessions. These are designed to be trickier so that both mind and body are challenged

These run only on Wednesday and Friday mornings 930am-11am

Contact Nikki on 07500 926403 to find out more or to book a session

What to expect

  • Bring comfortable trainers and clothes you can move around in (we only wear leotards on special occasions)
  • When you arrive, find your teacher (one of the friendly faces below). She will get you started and introduce you (don’t worry, we won’t make too big a deal)
2021 faces
2012 faces (and dodgy outfits)